The Concepts behind Your One and Only Day And Night Blinds


You can have your sunshine during the day and full privacy at night… but can also be at daytime too.  That is what you will get having this uniquely designed blinds. Day and night blinds may seem difficult to imagine how it can function in more ways while it is just in one set up. The justification is in the way it is fabricated based on plenty of intense studies with the use of recent technology to produce this so called magic screen product.

What are the concepts behind these types of blinds?

  1. It can be composed of two parts in one housing with the first part in a black out shade to cover the practical needs of the user while on the other side it can have collections of different stylish shades. Enjoy these blinds for whatever reason like taking the lovely light in, full cover for privacy and getting that stunning outside view from your window.

  1. Another concept contains two fabric layers that can simply be lined up in which way you prefer to create an effect. Full light, medium light, maximum dim and total blockage of light. It comes in voile and solid roller and even just something in-between.


  1. The colors of the fabrics and its shades are dependent on your choice. Since in these blinds you can have it customized from dimensions to shades and more. You can have the lighter shade that will complement your décor or you may want it to produce a contrast effect to your rooms.

To sum up

With the two layers of fabric in this type of blind, you are in control of your choices either to line up the opaque stripe designs or overlap them together to produce the most of the normal light. All these while keeping that privacy on hand for both your day and night time requirements.