Tips about good comfortable sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our life. We can’t perform well we don’t take proper rest and sleep o the bed. For good sleeping, many take pills and do different things for good sleeping on the couch. Many take milk before going to bed, but there is one question also raises about this fact that what type of fluid should we consider before sleeping. Can warm milk help you sleep or cold milk will bring extra benefit to this. That question always gains a higher number of attentions of the readers.

If you ask for the answer, I will say yes warm milk give more benefits over cold milk in sleeping. It has a long tale about its effectiveness. Warm milk is as effective as a lullaby on the bedtime. Although we don’t have positive proofs about that myth. The chemical component which provides good sleep is called tryptophan.



What is tryptophan?

It is an amino acid found in milk and turkeys. Many scientists claimed that this acid improves the serotonin levels in the brain serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps the cycle of sleep. The higher number of serotonin in the bran gives more decent rest for sure.

Some scientists try to prove the fact of milk’s effectiveness in sleeping. The amount of tryptophan in milk is right to feel sleepy, although many say that the tryptophan quantity in the fluid is not sufficient to provide good sleep

It has a psychological effect on the mind

As we talk earlier milk in the night will boost your sleep and as effective as mother’s lullaby on the bedtime for sleep. It has less effect on the body and more on the psychological part as many doctors claim it today. We all remember the mother’s lullaby along with the warm milk in the night.